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Mealm8 Christchurch NZ

The focus of MealM8 is to provide everyday people with a healthy and sustainable way to enjoy meals. We want to encourage people to eat with purpose and know that what they are putting into their bodies is exactly what they need to reach their goals and maintain their healthy balanced lifestyle. 

What is MealM8 offering?

Locally sourced produce are combined in a kitchen in Middleton, Christchurch by former fine dining Chef, Sam. With more than 8 years experience in the industry there is no one better to create and plate the MealM8 meals. Everything is made by hand and all the meals are packed and quality controlled before they get out the door. The meals are prepared fresh every morning and will arrive at their destination prior to 5am. We are not only providing a lunch and dinner option but you can also get your hands on some delicious snacks. We have more in the works as well, so make sure you keep an eye on our social media and our newsletter to find out what else we are cooking up.

The Director

Alex Watson, owner of Pure Kitchen and Little Bone Broth Company believes nutrition is one of the biggest factors to health. He uses his expert food knowledge and commercial kitchen knowledge to ensure the food is created to the highest quality and in the safest environment.

‘I am genuinely interested in helping people achieve their goals, I am excited to have opened such a fantastic business to help people do so, i am looking forward to seeing the great benefits of MealM8 in the future’

Consistency & Quality

MealM8’s goal is consistency and quality and we want to provide New Zealand’s best ready made lifestyle meals. These meals have been designed in such a way that there is a calorie range to suit each person and their frequency of training. Anyone could benefit from ordering meals from MealM8 so what are you waiting for?

The Future

We are always looking for new opportunities here at MealM8 and are happy to help in anyway. We can cater events, corporate functions, conferences and sports events. Please reach out if you have any opportunities you wish to discuss – we would love to hear from you.

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